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 Interested in becoming a Food-A-Holic?
Plan on attending the next
Pork - Fork - Cork
and Lamb Event.

Sunday - May 26, 2013
This years event will feature chefs and foodies from around the country preparing four pigs and four lambs Argentine style over open fire.

 Gastronomy defined is "the study of the relationship between culture and food". We want to share with you our culture as a farming family who is involved in the production of pork and lamb, and our love for creating and experiencing good food, just like you.

For more information please contact.

This email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it or 417-938-4391

We welcome you to join us for this this years special event.

Over the last several years Chefs - Foodies and Journalists from around the country have attended to personally see and hear the story of where Newman Farm Heritage Berkshire Pork comes from.

Come visit and see why Newman Farm is that step above the rest.



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